Russian Studies

Find out why Russian Studies is so popular at UR! Our language classes not only give you proficiency in a U.S State Department designated critical language; they are actually fun! Our literature courses illuminate an eye-opening array of creative responses to oppressive structures of power — from a vast multinational region with deep experience in resistance and resilience. Our evolving curriculum will introduce you to the literatures and film traditions of Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and parts of Siberia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus (currently the site of exciting Study Abroad opportunities). Likewise, our area studies courses investigate the historical legacy of life in the Soviet Union, in order to better understand contemporary social, political, and ecological challenges in today’s Eurasia.

We are an explicitly inclusive program that aims to provide students from all backgrounds with many of the most valuable skills they will need in today's global marketplace: critical thinking and writing skills, cross-cultural perspective, and more in-depth knowledge of the cultural and social patterns that have emerged from an area that defines itself as the crossroad between East and West

At the University of Richmond, you can begin your study of Russian with absolutely no prior knowledge, in a non-intensive course sequence that allows your schedule to accommodate your other courses and sports. Russian Studies majors complete nine units of coursework distributed between language and area studies; minors must complete five courses. All students are strongly encouraged to study abroad on UR summer and semester programs in St. Petersburg. You should also consider studying abroad in Siberia and Central Asia.


Russian Nesting Dolls

Yvonne in front of Lenin


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