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Dr. Yvonne H. Howell
Dr. Yvonne H. Howell
Professor of Russian and Global Studies
Global Studies Concentration Advisor: Cultures and Communications
Courses Taught 19th Century Russian literature 20th and 21st century Russian literature Topics in East European literature First-Year Seminar Soviet Culture and Civilization Russian and East European Science Fiction Russian language (all levels) Perspectives on International Studies CLAC [languages: Russian, Czech, German, French]
Professional Experience
Professor of Russian and International Studies, University of Richmond (2010-Present)
Associate Professor of Russian and International Studies, University of Richmond (1997-2010)
Visiting Assoc. Professor of Russian, Dartmouth College (2009)
Assistant Professor of Russian, University of Richmond (1991-1996)
Visiting Instructor of Russian, Dartmouth College (1988-1991)
Selected Publications

Moments of Happiness [edited, with Introduction and notes]. Translation of Momenty schast’ia. Aleks Dubas (Moscow: ACT Press, 2015). Academic Studies Press, forthcoming, 2020. 

Red Star Tales: A Century of Soviet and Russian Science Fiction. Montpelier, VT: RIS Publications, 2015.

Apocalyptic Realism: The Science Fiction of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. New York: Peter Lang, 1994.

Apokalipticheskii realizm. Nauchnaia fantastika A.i B. Strugatskikh. Russian edition. Boston, St. Petersburg, Moscow: ASP, forthcoming, 2020.

Coedited with Francoise Lavocat, “Fact vs. Fiction.”  Neohelicon 43 (2016).

Guest editor, Special Edition: “Russian and Soviet Science Fiction” Chtenia 30 (Spring 2015)

Coedited with Sibelan Forrester. “Reading the History of the Future: From Nauchnaia fantastika to Post-Soviet Dystopia.”  Introduction (219-224) and edited collection of essays in Slavic Review, Vol 72 (Summer 2013).


“Through a Prism, Translated: Culture and Change in Russia,” Prismatic Translation, ed. Matthew Reynolds. Oxford: Legenda, 2019.

“The Science Fictionality of Russian Culture: Literature by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky” Lingua Cosmica: Science Fiction from Around The World, ed. Dale Knickerbocker.  Urbana-Champagne: U of Illinois Press, 2017.  

“The Genetics of Morality: Policing Science in Dudintsev’s ‘White Robes’” Policing Literary Theory, ed. Michailescu and Takayuki.  Leiden, London: Brill 2017.

“The Clash of Fictions: Geopolitics in Recent Russian and Ukrainian Literature,” Japanese Slavic and East European Studies, Vol. 37 (2016), 1-17.

“Genrikh Altshuller and TRIZ (Theory of Innovative Problem-Solving)” A Convenient Territory: Essays in Honor of Barry Scherr, ed.s John Kopper and Michael Wachtel. Bloomington, IN: Slavica 2015, 355-366.

“From ‘sots-romanticism’ to rom-com: the Strugatskii’s ‘Monday Begins on Saturday’ as a film comedy” Science Fiction Film and Television 8.2 (2015), 127-143.

 “When ‘Boy Meets Tractor’ Became ‘Scientist Meets Cybernetics’: Post-War Scientific Paradigms and the Socialist Realist Plot,” Neohelicon 41.2 (2014) 391-399.

 “Baring the Brain As Well As The Soul: Milan Kundera’s The Joke.”  Philosophy and Literature 2010: 34: 201-217.

“The Liberal Gene: Sociobiology as Emancipatory Discourse in the late Soviet Union” Slavic Review, Summer 2010: 69: 356-376.

"The Genetics of Genius: Biosocial mechanisms of higher intellectual activity."  In Madness and the Mad in Russian Culture. Ed. A. Brintlinger and I.Vinitsky. University of Toronto Press, 2007: 208-225.

 “Eugenics, Rejuvenation, and Bulgakov’s Journey into the Heart of Dogness” Slavic Review, Fall 2006: 544-562.

 “Where’s the Velvet? Jachym Topol’s Sestra and the Reception of Alex Zucker’s Translation of City, Sister, Silver.”  Translation Review, No. 63, 2002: 45-51.

“When the Physicists are Lyricists: Translating the Strugatskys’ Ponedel’nik Nachinaetsia v Subbotu.” Essays in the Art and Theory of Translation, eds. Grenoble and Kopper. Edwin Mellen Press, 1997: 165-196.

Guest Associate Editor. Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology, Special Issue on Communities of Science in Russia. Johns Hopkins University Press: Vol.1, No.3 (Fall 1993)

“Science and Gnosticism in ‘Lance’.” Studies in Nabokov’s Short Fiction, eds. Barabtarlo and Nicol. New York: Garland Publ., 1993: 181-193.

“Karel Capek in 1984.” Cross Currents 3. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications, 1984: 121-130.

Reviews for Slavic Review, Times Higher Education (UK), Slavic and East European Journal, American Ethnologist, Neohelicon.   

Ph.D., University of Michigan
Slavic Languages and Literatures
M.A., University of Michigan
Slavic Languages and Linguistics
B.A., Dartmouth College
Russian and Biology
Contact Information
206 Carole Weinstein International Center
(804) 289-8101
(804) 287-6446 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Russian literature and culture
Czech literature and culture
Sociobiology in cross-cultural perspective
History of science (Soviet Union)