German Studies

Becoming proficient in German will enable you to communicate with more than 100 million speakers worldwide and give you an edge if you contemplate a career in Europe. German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union and Germany wields enormous economic and political influence. The Federal Republic of Germany has the largest economy in the EU and the third largest economy in the world. Major thinkers in the fields of philosophy, literature, medicine, psychology, science, environmental studies, and sociology were or are German speakers, and there have been over 100 Nobel laureates from German-speaking countries since 1901. German is a key language for research, business, media, and science, and Germany is a leader in biotechnology and renewable energy.

The University of Richmond's German Studies program combines a solid foundation in German language, literature and culture with an interdisciplinary array of elective options in film, cultural studies, history, linguistics, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. In addition, students interested in international business can pursue a cross-school major in German/International Business, or enhance their academic profile with a minor in German Studies. A major or minor in German Studies will prepare you for a job market that values global awareness, communication skills, critical synthesis, and the capacity to perform on an increasingly transnational stage.

Study abroad on an approved program in a German-speaking country is strongly encouraged. Students pursuing a cross-school major in international business and German Studies are required to study abroad for at least one semester.

All students must have satisfied their COM2 general education language requirement in German or have equivalent proficiency before beginning 300 level coursework.