Study Abroad in the French Program

The University of Richmond offers many study abroad opportunities for students of French in four countries and on three continents. We have programs in Paris through IES and the Institut d'Études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), programs in Senegal and Rennes through CIEE, a program in Morocco through IES, another program in Senegal through MSID, and programs at the Université de Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Université Catholique de Lille. Several of these programs offer either semester or year-long academic study. Students who elect to study at our partner institutions and programs frequently combine their study of French with coursework in other disciplines, such as English, political science, international studies and other popular second majors.

Robins School students may pursue pre-professional training in French at the Université Paris Dauphine and the Business School in Rouen.

Through the Office of International Education and the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, we also have a summer program in La Rochelle, France. The following courses are offered: FREN 221, FREN 301, FREN 311, FREN 327 and FREN 402. For specific information, contact Dr. Olivier Delers and visit the OIE webpage for more information on the La Rochelle summer program.

For information on study abroad, contact the Office of International Education. For information on integrating study abroad with a major or minor in French and credit transfer, contact Dr. Kasongo Kapanga or Dr. Sara Pappas.