Study Abroad in the German Studies Program

Students considering a major or minor in German studies are encouraged to spend a semester or year on one of the university’s German study abroad programs. The University operates exchange programs with the Universität Konstanz, the Universität Mannheim and the Universität Münster in Germany, all of which are recommended institutions for German studies students. Students pursuing a cross-school major in German studies and international business are required to complete a semester of study at the Universität Mannheim or the Universität Münster, which have excellent business programs in addition to strong offerings in liberal arts. For those interested in exploring a variety of subjects, Konstanz and Münster provide a wide range of courses in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business.

Students who have completed beginning German or the equivalent and are looking for a summer study abroad experience can apply to participate in the University’s program in Berlin, Germany’s dynamic capital city.

The university also operates an exchange program with the Universität Wien (University of Vienna, Austria) where business students can take courses in English. The Vienna program does not qualify for German Studies credit.

For information on study abroad, contact the Office of International Education. For specific information on programs in Germany, contact Dr. Kathrin Bower.