Welcome to Languages, Literatures, & Cultures.

You come to us to learn a language. You learn far more: the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC) allows you to study complex global social and ethical issues through literature and film. Our majors receive training in cultural analysis, critical thinking and writing, and knowledge of key areas of the world. According to dozens of top CEOs, employers seek people who can think creatively and communicate in situations that are ambiguous and complex. This is what the faculty of LLC offers you in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Russian. Think of it as two-for-one: all the benefits of studying the humanities, doubled through a second language and culture.

Global Studio & Self-Directed Language Acquisition

The Global Studio is available to help members of the University of Richmond community use technology to enhance language learning and effectively communicate across cultures. We offer a variety of services including placement testing, self-directed language study, and a variety of technology and online resources that are available for student and faculty use.

Languages offered routinely offered through the SDLAP include Persian (Farsi/Dari), modern Hebrew, and Turkish. Students preparing for or returning from study or service abroad may also use the SDLAP to begin or continue the study of a language not included in the University’s regular course offerings. Languages studied through the SDLAP have included Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Korean, Dutch, and Swedish.