Study Abroad

Studying abroad provides a crucial dimension for language and cultural study. The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures works with the Office of International Education to help you coordinate your study abroad experience. With the right planning, study abroad can even provide critical links between your work in LLC and your studies in other disciplines. You can study music history in Germany or European-American diplomatic relations in France. The options are limited only by your imagination.

There are many different ways to study abroad. You can participate in a traditional semester or year abroad at a university that Richmond maintains a cooperative agreement with. There are over 60 institutions around the world that have direct relationships with Richmond. These programs guarantee that you’ll receive credit for your work and that your tuition will remain in line with what you’re paying at Richmond. While abroad, you’ll still be able to receive financial aid and you won’t have to actually disenroll from Richmond while overseas.

There are also unlimited other programs worldwide but students should carefully consult with the Office of International Education, parents, advisors, professors and financial aid advisors to ensure that the transition between Richmond and the international educational institution will be a smooth one.

For students who don’t have an entire semester to devote to study abroad because of competing academic or athletic concerns, the University sponsors a number of summer study abroad language and cultural programs through the Office of International Education.

To view program options, click on the Majors & Minors tab and select your language of choice.

For information, visit the Office of International Education.