Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Master a language. Live in that language and its culture and learn to think differently. Study complex global social and ethical issues through literature and film. This is what the faculty of LLC offers you in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.

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Upcoming Courses: Spring 2024

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AI’s Ethical Categories: Are They the Same as Ours?

AI Lecture

April 2 | 4:30-6 p.m.

Jepson 118

Dr. Juraj Hvorecky, a Prague-based analytic philosopher and ethicist, presents some of the findings of research funded by the European Union in his lecture, which aims to support our understanding of how AI categories intersect with ethical thought in humans.

German Game Night


German Game Nights


Each semester, students gather for an evening of German games, music, and food at German Game Night, a popular event hosted by German Studies. 

“Spielabend has evolved into more of a community building activity, where students and faculty come together to enjoy German music, games, and snacks,” said Kathrin Bower, professor and coordinator of German studies. Brezeln, German soft pretzels, are a favorite.

German welcome, not required!


16th Annual African Film Weekend

The University of Richmond presented the 16th Annual African Film Weekend: First Features of Young African Filmmakers on September 8–9, 2023 in the Ukrop Auditorium. Mamadou Dia, the guest presenter, is an award-winning Senegalese film director, screenwriter, and co-founder of the production company Joyedidi.

Global Studio & Self-Directed Language Acquisition

The Global Studio is available to help members of the University of Richmond community use technology to enhance language learning and effectively communicate across cultures. We offer a variety of services including placement testing, self-directed language study, and a variety of technology and online resources that are available for student and faculty use.

Languages offered routinely offered through the SDLAP include Persian (Farsi/Dari), modern Hebrew, and Turkish. Students preparing for or returning from study or service abroad may also use the SDLAP to begin or continue the study of a language not included in the University’s regular course offerings. Languages studied through the SDLAP have included Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Korean, Dutch, and Swedish.

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Sonja Bertucci
Bertucci Awarded

Sonja Bertucci, assistant professor of languages, literatures, and cultures (film studies), was awarded the Special Jury Award for Inspirational Filmmaking for the film The Diamond Couple at the 2024 Arizona International Film Festival.

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Dr. Natalie McCauley
McCauley Published

Natalie McCauley, director of Russian Studies, published “Televising the Gulag in Putin’s Russia: Dekabristka, Melodrama, and Russia’s National Narrative” in the Slavic and East European Journal.

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Dr. Gengsong Gao
Gao Published

Gengsong Gao, associate professor of Chinese studies, published the chapter "Exploring L2 Chinese Learners: Connective Usage in Writing: An Error Analysis Approach" in Developing Writing Competence in L2 Chinese Classrooms: Research and Application.

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Dr. Gengsong Gao
Gao Published

Gengsong Gao, associate professor of Chinese studies, published the article "Strategies-based Chinese as a Second Language Reading Instruction: Effects and Learners’ Perceptions" in Reading in a Foreign Language.

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