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To earn a minor in Arabic, students must take four units of Arabic language coursework and must take an approved elective. Students may choose to incorporate independent research into their academic program as well.

Many students choose to pair their study of Arabic with the study of another language or interdisciplinary study in international studies or a comparable major. The Arabic minor is organized in a four-semester sequence that fulfills the University’s COM-2 requirement. Additional independent study courses are available once a student has successfully passed the intermediate level. Advanced students can choose to become practice assistants or work in the Language Across the Curriculum program to hone their language skills.

Each fall, the department offers Arabic 101 and 201, and every spring Arabic 102 and 202 are offered. Most students, therefore, choose to begin their study of Arabic in the fall semester.

The Arabic Studies Minor

Five units, including:

ARAB 301 Advanced Arabic

ARAB 302 Advanced Arabic II

ARAB 397 Selected Topics

ARAB 495 Independent Study in Arabic Studies

One unit, chosen from:

ANTH 350 Sex and Gender in the Middle East

ARAB 401 Arabic in the Media

ARAB 402 Introduction to Arabic in Literature

HIST 199 Harems and Veils

HIST 271 The Modern Middle East

HIST 272 The Ottoman Empire

HIST 370 Contending Visions of the Middle East

LAWE 685 Muslim Family Law (when cross-listed with Arabic)

LLC 346 Insiders and Outsiders: Arabic Encounters with the West

PLSC 355 International Relations of the Middle East

RELG 244 Sex and Family in the Greek and Roman Worlds

RELG 263 Religion and the Arts

RELG 268 Religion and Literature

RELG 281 Introduction to Islam

RELG 287 Ninety-nine Names of God

RELG 288 Saints and Sinners in Muslim Literature

RELG 385 Sufism: Introduction to Islamic Mysticism