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Master a language. Live in that language and its culture and learn to think differently. Study complex global social and ethical issues through literature and film. This is what the faculty of LLC offers you in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.

Department News

African Film Weekend is happening September 29–October 1 in Ukrop Auditorium. For a full list of films, as well as accopmanying lectures, visit their web page.

Feature Stories

Matt DiCintio, '00When Matt DiCintio, ’00, began researching early American tavern performances, he expected to find advertisements for short plays. Instead, he found a strongwoman. And then a lion. Similar characters and animals kept appearing. That’s when DiCintio, a history buff with “a taste for the bizarre and offbeat,” knew he’d found the subject of his doctoral dissertation. Read More

Faculty Highlights

  • Kapanga Named Distinguished Educator

    Dr. Kasongo Kapanga was named a 2017 University of Richmond Distinguished Educator at this year's Colloquy.

  • Kapanga Service Award

    Dr. Kasongo Kapanga was recently recgonized for 25 years of service to the University of Richmond.

  • Kapanga Book

    Kasongo Kapanga recently published the book The Writing of the Nation: Expressing Identity through Congolese Literary Texts and Films. He was also recently featured on Podcasts@Boatwright, discussing the book.

  • Radi Book

    Dr. Lidia Radi's book Virtue of Literature in the Renaissance was recently published by Classiques Garnier.

  • Howell Podcast

    Yvonne Howell discussed her latest book, Red Star Tales : A Century of Russian and Soviet Science Fiction as part of the Podcasts@Boatwright Series.

  • Howell Book

    Dr. Yvonne Howell published Red Star Tales, a collection of over a century of science-fiction stories from Russia and the former Soviet Union.

  • Bonfiglio named Chair

    Dr. Thomas Bonfiglio has been named the William Judson Gaines Chair in Modern Foreign Languages.

  • Troncale Fellowship

    Dr. Joe Troncale has been awarded a 2015 Fellowship in Russia by the Likhachev Foundation and will spend two weeks in Russia this May. The fellowships support foreign professionals in the field of arts and culture who currently work on creative projects on (or related to) Russian culture or history. Troncale is preparing to curate an exhibition of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings, drawings, and sketches.

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