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Arabic Studies Major


The Arabic Studies Major

Note: The grade point average of the coursework comprising the major must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade below C- (1.70).

Nine courses, including:

  • ARAB-231 Arabic Comprehension

  • ARAB 301 Advanced Arabic I

  • ARAB 302  Advanced Arabic II

  • Four courses chosen from the following at least one of which must be a 400-level course:

    • ARAB 303/ARAB 304 (The two half credit courses count as one) Advanced Arabic Conversation

    • ARAB 401 Arabic in Media

    • ARAB 402 Introduction to Arabic in Literature

    • LLC-346 Insiders and Outsiders: Arabic Encounters with the West

  • Two courses, chosen in addition from those above or the following:

    • ANTH-350 Sex and Gender in the Middle East

    • ARAB 315 Grammar Through Texts

    • ARAB 397 Selected Topics

    • CLSC-321 Archaeology of the Middle East

    • HIST-199 The Great War in the Middle East

    • HIST-271 The Modern Middle East

    • HIST-272 The Ottoman Empire

    • HIST-370 Contending Visions of the Middle East

    • LAWE-685 International Law Practicum

    • PLSC-355 International Relations of the Middle East

    • RELG-103 Introduction to Islam

    • RELG-105 Ninety-nine Names of God

    • RELG-205 Religion and Literature

    • RELG-215 Religion and the Arts

    • RELG-244 Sex and Family in the Greek and Roman Worlds

    • RELG-288 Saints and Sinners in Muslim Literature

    • RELG-385 Sufism: Introduction to Islamic Mysticism

    • Or any other relevant course with the approval of the Arabic Studies faculty.

Students MUST complete an approved study abroad experience as part of the Arabic Studies major. The study abroad experience can be fulfilled through a semester or a summer study abroad program associated with the University of Richmond, or other summer or semester programs in universities or institutions in the Arab World approved by the Arabic Studies faculty.

Students MUST take one 400-level course in Arabic at the University of Richmond after they return from abroad.

Students can transfer up to three courses to fulfill their Arabic Studies major requirements.

It is advisable that students sign up for a C-LAC section with the courses that are not taught in Arabic.