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Past Events in the African Film Weekend Series

Africa Week 2016: Africa: The Preservation of the Planet and its Cultures


The Role of African Languages in the U.S. Academy of the 21st Century,Dr. Leonard Muaka, Howard University

Urban Environments in Africa: Sustainable Development and Grassroots Socio-Environmental JusticeDr. Garth Myers, Trinity College


Price of Love
African Metropolis
Black November
The Shore Break

Africa Week 2015: African Women Beyond Narrow Frames


"Soft Power in the African Diaspora: The Case of Cuba and Angola," Dr. Linda Heywood, Boston University


Timbuktu, directed by Abderrahmane Sissako (Mauritania, 2014) 
Kwaku Ananse, directed by Okosua Adoma Owusu (Ghana, 2015)
Aissa’s Story, directed by Iquo B. Essien (Nigeria & USA, 2013)
Coming Home, directed by Marinda Stein 3.(Namibia, 2014)
Morbayssa, directed by Cheick F. Camara (Guinea-Conakry, 2014)
Virgim Margarida, directed by Licinio Azevedo (Mozambique, 2012)
The Challat of Tunis (Le Challat de Tunis), directed by Kaouther Ben Hania (France, Tunisia, & UAE 2014)

2014: The City and the State in Contemporary Africa

The 2014 Africa Week Lecture

"The Boko Haram Phenomenon: Challenges for the Nigerian State and Society," Dr. Tanure Ojaide, Frank Porter Graham Professor, Africana Studies Department, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Tey (Aujourd'hui), directed by Alain Gomis (Senegal/France, 2012)  (86 minutes)
Mwansa the Great directed by Rungano Nyoni (Zambia/ UK, 2011).  (23 min) Appropriate for ages 7 and up.
Varavarankely directed by Sitraka Randriamahaly (Madagascar, 2008-2010) (silent animation, 3 min.) Appropriate for all ages
Y en a marre /Fed Up directed by Adams Sie (Senegal, 2013). (19 minutes)
A Letter to Nelson Mandela, directed by Khalo Matabane (South Africa/Germany, 2013). (85 mins)
Atalaku (Crieur), directed by Dieudo Hamadi (République Démocratique du Congo/ France, 2013). (60 minutes)
Aya de Yopougon / Aya of Yop City, directed by Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie (Ivory Coast/France, 2013) (84 mins)

2013: Africa’s Global Challenge


“20 Years of the New South Africa: Visions and Vagaries.” Professor Hein Willemse, Department of Afrikaans, University of Pretoria


La Pirogue directed by Moussa Touré (Senegal, 2010)
St-Louis Blues (Un Transport en commun) directed by Dyana Guèye (France & Senegal, 2010)
Land Rush, Osvalde Lewat, (Cameroon, 2012)
Indochina, Traces of a Mother (Indochine sur les traces d’une mère), directed by Idrissou Mora Kpai (France, Benin and Vietnam, 2012)
Grey Matter, directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza (Rwanda, 2010)

2012: Coming To and Going From Africa


“Chinese Social Transformation and Afro-Asian Solidarity.” Horace Campbell, Professor of African and African-American Studies, University of Syracuse
“The Cultures of Asian immigrants in Africa (East Africa and/ South Africa).” Gaurav Desai, Tulane University
Tradition, Leadership and  Development in Ghana.” Professor Irene Odotei, University of Ghana


Teza, directed by Haile Gerima & Michelange Quay (Ethiopia & France, 2008)

Taxcarte (1996) & L’Étranger venu d’Afrique or Feizhou Laowai (1998), two shorts directed by Joseph Kumbela (Congo)

Kinshasa Symphony, directed Claus Wischmann and Martin Baer (Germany, 2010)

The Big Banana, directed by Franck Bieleu (Cameroon, 2011)

Pegasus (Pégase), directed by Mohamed Mouftakir (Morroco, 2010)

2011: Return Home


Biguine, directed by Guy Deslauriers (Martinique, 2004)
A Screaming Man, directed by Mohamat-Saleh Haroum (Tchad, France, Belgium, 2010)
Return to Goree, directed by Pierre Yves Borgeaud (Senegal, 2008)
Aliker, directed by Guy Deslauriers (Martinique, 2009) 

2010: Carmen in Africa


Eat, for this is my body, directed by Michelange Quay (Haiti, France, 2007)
Moloch Tropical, directed by Raoul Peck (France, Haiti, 2009)
Poto-Mitan, directed by Mark Schuller and Renee Berger (France, Haiti, 2009)
Jacques Roumain, directed by Arnold Antonin (Haiti, Canada, 2009)

2009: Carmen in Africa


Karmen Gei, directed by Joseph Gaye Ramaka (Senegal, 2002)
Carmen Jones, directed by Otto Preminger (USA, 1954)
U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, directed by Mark Dornford-May (South Africa, 2005)

2008: The 4th African Film Weekend


Juju Factory, directed by Balufu Kanyinda (Democratic Republic of Congo and France, 2007)
Ezra, directed by Newton Aduaka (Nigeria and France, 2007)
Africa Paradis, directed by Sylvestre Amoussou (Benin, 2007)

2007: The 3rd African Film Weekend


Homecoming, directed by Norman Maake (South Africa, 2005)
Clouds over Conakry (Il Va Pleuveoir sur Conakry), directed by Cheick Fantamady Camara (Guinea, 2007)
The Price of Forgiveness, directed by Mansour Sora Wade (Senegal and France, 2002)